211th Street Metra Station TOD Study

The Villages of Park Forest, Matteson, and Olympia Fields desired assistance in building upon their collective successes in relation to the 211th Street TOD study area.  Specifically, the Villages are interested in:

  • developing standardized TOD supportive regulations and procedures
  • envisioning and documenting design guidelines for the Lincoln Highway corridor which will address public and private development projects within the area and provide for a unified streetscape plan
  • evaluating and providing recommendations for the most effective “tool-box” of financial incentives that may be used to facilitate the desired TOD development/redevelopment within the study area
  • updating the 2006 Market Analysis and conducting a financial analysis and development pro forma analysis for the Preferred Concept Plan

The Land Vision Team, including Vantage Point, worked with Village officials, staff, Steering Committee, and community business and resident stakeholders to develop a project derived from a thorough evaluation of the study area’s physical characteristics and opportunities, in-depth understanding of the existing and desired regulatory environment, and a detailed visioning process with stakeholders while remaining mindful of the unique characteristics that make the 211th Street TOD study area such a strong development opportunity for Park Forest, Matteson, and Olympia Fields.