Hill District Master Plan

Vantage Point was part of a team that worked on a master planning effort that will become a blueprint for the redevelopment of the 28-acre Mellon Arena site. The Mellon Arena was constructed in the 1960s and until recently has been the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team. However, the original development of the Arena displaced a portion of an historical African American neighborhood in central Pittsburgh, the Hill district. This effort will ensure that the resulting redevelopment of the Mellon Arena site reflects the vision of the Hill District resident and other neighborhood stakeholders.

The new arena’s construction will be the first step in healing the wounds of the past by: 1) integrating and building upon the Hill District’s historical and cultural legacy; 2) re-integrating the Central Business District with the Hill District; and 3) encouraging new investment and balanced development without displacing existing residents and businesses.

Our role in this important project was to prepare market analyses for residential, office and retail uses; evaluate and assess community based outcomes of economic development; assess alternate locations and phasing strategies for new development and revitalization opportunities; and participate in meetings with the community and with the Penguins.