Market Study, Impact Analysis and Implementation Strategy for College Park/M Square Area TDDP

Conducted a market study, fiscal and economic impact analysis and implementation strategy for the College Park‐Riverdale Park Transit District Development Plan (TDDP). The area is home to a
120‐acre research park development on and adjacent to University of Maryland property known as “M Square”. The TDDP will host the College Park and Riverdale Park stations on the Purple Line.

Findings were based on a review of secondary data of retail activity, a case study analysis, a review of real estate market trends, and information derived from a series of interviews with leading R&D park managers and developers. Identified the appropriate mix of uses, necessary development actions, critical success factors, and investments necessary to implement the development “vision.” Used these elements to develop a comprehensive implementation strategy that will guide future development.

The M‐Square Research Park plan incorporates federal and local anchor tenants, retail uses, residential units and lodging facilities. The TDDP goals include promoting a sustainable development pattern and coordinated mixed‐use development that encourages economic vitality.

Project Overview:

  • Institutional Development
  • Office Development
  • Industrial/Tech Park Development
  • Residential Development