VIA Development Advisory Services

Vantage Point has conducted multiple evaluations in San Antonio.

We recently completed an analysis of a BRT corridor including an Eastside and Westside Downtown Transit Center and have served as the economic, market and financial subconsultant of a large multidisciplinary team to prepare a Downtown Streetcar feasibility analysis and a long-range transit systems plan for the San Antonio Transit Agency — VIA.

In addition, we have also reviewed and examined innovative public/private financing strategies for the streetcar, potential high capacity transit corridors with respect to market, demographic and economic conditions and trends in the context of supporting transit oriented development. The focus was on identifying individual corridor’s conduciveness to economic development. This included: examination of current conditions; community/master plans; corridor strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; existing and proposed land uses; proposed revitalization, redevelopment and development projects; opportunity sites; land use and zoning availability; public policies; infrastructure availability; public and private sector interest.

Value capture, TIF, parking fees/taxes , and special benefit assessment districts have also been evaluated.