Arts – Cultural – Entertainment

Vibrant downtowns often include thriving arts, cultural, and entertainment districts which lure visitors from local neighborhoods and the surrounding region.  In many cities and towns, the art, cultural, and and entertainment scene has served as a catalyst for revitalization, attracting retail, restaurant, and other uses that benefit from arts, culture, and entertainment patrons.

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC and its senior staff have offered guidance to numerous communities regarding suitable types of arts, cultural, and entertainment venues for downtown districts and for specific properties which are often historic venues. With our extensive background working in cities and towns throughout the nation, we understand that each district is uniquely positioned and functions as a sum of its parts. As such, our analyses consider the propensity of the local and regional market to patronize these particular types of venues, and our analyses evaluate market synergies among arts/cultural/entertainment and other neighboring uses.

With our strong background conducting market and adaptive reuse analyses for these districts, Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC is uniquely qualified to delineate strategies to invigorate downtowns with an appropriate mix of arts/culture/entertainment and other appropriate uses.