Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC professionals specialize in solving the space needs of a wide range of institutions including hospitals, governments, universities and corporations. Many of these institutions ring the downtown core areas of their cities and, as such, have assets facing increasing demands for development. Others have real property holdings located in a diversity of geographic settings, but these institutions require increased income to support operations and wish to pursue development of these properties.


Faced with increased administrative and medical expenses hospitals often creatively package their land assets and transform them into revenues needed to support their operations. Projects have included office space for these institutional users as well as speculative projects and other developments created to increase revenues and funding for their institutional purposes.

Government Buildings

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC advises local governments such as cities and counties and state government agencies, facing increased public opposition to funding government buildings. Some of these methods have included approaches not requiring voter approval, use of general government debt or use of government procurement processes for contracting. Many of these local government projects have been constructed through “swaps of land for building space,” or “asset bartering,” and other creative approaches.


Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC formulates asset management approaches for universities endowed with land and buildings. Approaches have included execution of long-term, unsubordinated, participating ground leases, and co-venture efforts designed to meet revenue-enhancement expectations.

Mixed-use developments involving colleges and universities have been constructed. Many of these efforts resulted in group meeting spaces, research facilities, housing projects and high-technology parks.


Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC provides asset management services for private institutions including corporations and banks. These efforts have included provision of headquarters space, branch banking facilities and development of properties by bank holding companies for revenue-generation purposes.