Through the involvement of Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals, a large number of planned work centers for white-collar and service occupations have been built nationwide. These office buildings have been either single-tenant structures occupied primarily by building owners or speculative, multi-tenant structures typically securing a variety of tenants from the general office market. Other projects have been office parks providing office buildings, supporting uses and open space which were designed, planned, constructed and managed on an integrated and coordinated basis. These projects have been formulated in competing and distinct office markets, including the downtown, suburban and uptown markets.

Our involvement usually begins with market analysis and financial feasibility studies and carries through development solicitation into negotiation of final development agreements. The firm also has been involved in assisting community-based leadership and preparing commercial revitalization plans and downtown development strategies.

Suburban Centers

Suburban office development has undergone a metamorphosis over the last 15 years. Suburban office concepts have matured from storefront buildings on local commercial streets to freestanding buildings on isolated suburban sites, to planned office parks. Features of office parks include unified architectural, continuing management and services to tenants, on-site parking for employees, extensive landscaping, sign control and other covenants.

Downtown Projects

Office development in downtown areas has evolved from free-standing structures to mixed-use projects, often containing a hotel, retail and parking uses. These mixed-use complexes combine urban scale with suburban flare and often include pedestrian connections, open space improvements and public arts areas.

Multi-Purpose Centers

Office development also can be developed in a unique mix of uses, including transportation facilities, and other non-traditional uses.

Specialty Office

Often developed in adaptive use projects, these office projects cater to start-up firms, companies desiring unique architectural settings, etc.

Plans and Strategies

As a prelude to development activities, Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals have acted as advisors to community, neighborhood and downtown-based organizations charged with redeveloping or revitalizing portions of their cities. These strategies usually include preparation of market and financial feasibility studies, implementation approaches, funding alternatives analyses and solicitation of developer interest.