A wide variety of market-rate and subsidized residential projects have been developed in a diversity of settings, including urban, suburban and rural areas. Market and financial feasibility investigations have been conducted and development approaches and marketing strategies have been formulated once these initial investigations are completed. Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC professionals have also been retained to solicit and evaluate developer development proposal evaluations, negotiate development agreements, and package these projects on behalf of a broad range of public, private and quasi-public entities.

Urban/Suburban Complexes

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC professionals have assisted private property owners, including foundations and corporations in assessing their land holdings along key transportation corridors and urban and suburban communities. We have assisted these parties not only through feasibility investigations but also through rezoning deliberations and developer negotiations. Projects include a mix of mid- to high-density residential structures with associated amenities and parking.

Planned Unit Developments

On behalf of both public and private entities, development plans and residential projects have been packaged, which include recreational elements, in urbanizing corridors and in communities located near metropolitan areas. These planned projects have included single-family detached and attached dwellings, apartments and commercial development opportunities.

New Downtown Projects

Either as freestanding projects or as segments of mixed-use developments, the firm has worked with public and private entities to cause development of a variety of mid- to high-density downtown development projects. Each of these projects was offered at market rate and was developed as part of redevelopment or revitalization efforts in these communities.

Adaptive Reuse Projects

Acting as agents for cities and/or property owners, Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC professionals have solicited third-party interest in adaptive reuse of older structures, including historic properties. Reuse plans usually incorporate marketing unique loft or other spacious units to young urban professionals and others interested in living near employment and cultural opportunities.

Retirement Communities

Fueled by an aging, more affluent population, many property owners, developers and public entities are pursuing retirement projects. Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC professionals have prepared predevelopment analyses and market studies for these types of residential communities. These typically have varying levels of health care provided to residents and contain, in some cases, meeting and recreational facilities.

Luxury Subdivisions

The demand for high-income single-family subdivisions within or near urbanized areas has manifested itself in projects often benefiting family trusts, foundations and others active in disposal of property.

Waterfront/Resort Communities

Waterfront and resort residential communities have proliferated nationwide. Attracted by water amenities, pier facilities, promenades and other water-related features, these communities have been located in both downtown settings, as well as in more suburban surroundings.

Workforce/Affordable Housing

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals have guided some of the first efforts by local governments to cause workforce/affordable housing to be constructed. These projects have addressed concerns that rising housing costs are pricing-out integral low and moderate income households from residing near employment centers. Equally important, these projects have promoted “smart growth” initiatives designed to counter urban sprawl and encourage environmental protection.

Residential Development Strategies

Assistance has been provided to local officials in structuring planning and development incentives to attract residential development into desired areas. These plans have included redevelopment efforts mandated by law as well as more modest measures resulting in competitively advantaged housing sites in areas where revitalization is sought.