Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Transit-oriented development (TOD) has emerged as a leading trend as urban and suburban communities address economic transportation, livability and sustainability goals and objectives.  Vantage Point staff has been a pioneer in economic development planning and implementation for TODs and is at the cutting edge of the economic development, planning, value capture, financing and implementation of TOD. This is from multiple perspectives of immediate implementation and long term strategies for both old and new transit systems, multiple transportation nodes, mixed use development and diverse economic/market environments. Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals have collaborated with transit agencies, private developers, and local communities in planning and implementing TOD and are recognized national leaders in TOD. We have conducted economic and market evaluations, prepared developer solicitations and evaluations on behalf of the public sector, as well as planned and implemented a variety of retail-oriented TOD throughout the nation. We combine state of the art information and technical expertise with a long term, proven track record of implementation.

The unique planning capabilities of our professionals are: the ability to fully integrate transportation, planning, economic development, financing and implementation; provide a long term perspective of what works and does not work; and a specialization in public/private development advisory services and implementation including negotiation and problem-solving assistance focusing on securing development agreements from developers, lenders, property owners, tenants, government agencies and local communities involved in TOD projects.

Our team’s TOD experience and expertise is wide ranging including, formulating funding and financing strategies and development packaging of TOD; optimizing real estate and property assets; implementing innovative joint development and value capture funding strategies; undertaking pro forma cost/ revenue analysis; performing economic and fiscal impact evaluations; analyzing market, operational and development-related aspects of TOD projects; conducting developer solicitation, evaluation and negotiation; identifying innovative financial solutions involving public/private partnerships for TOD and formalizing and implementing value capture programs.

Our staff also measures socio-economic impact. This information to identifies the needs and demands for an array of general and specialized social services. This addresses both economic development and financial viability as well as housing affordability, livability, sustainability and environmental justice.