Green Development

The Green Economy has gained momentum in the United States and around the world in recent years. As community and business interest in “going green” continues to grow, these groups are trying to understand how sustainability initiatives can help their community economically, environmentally and socially. At its broadest level, the green economy encompasses green manufacturing and other clean industries from “greening” of the built environment to use of green products by everyday citizens.

As a national leader in providing advisory services related to economic development, Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC’s Green Development Advisory Services focus on helping communities, businesses, local and regional governments to improve the “triple bottom line” for sustainability by developing green programs that are effective environmentally, socially and economically. This includes: green related real estate development advisory services; financial strategies to determine a community’s return on investment for investing in “green”; regulatory and policy action plans to promote energy efficiency and green development; and market tested green economic development strategies to help communities and businesses realize their economic, social and environmental goals.

Recent federal and state level initiatives seek to reduce our carbon footprint by providing incentives to encourage energy efficiency. These initiatives also enhance our investment in alternative energy and improved efficiency from the building and community level to regional and state strategies.

We can help you navigate the maze of green related incentives, loans, tax credits and rebates and make your community or business economic goals a reality.  These include a wide range of green economic development and real estate related services.