Predevelopment Feasibility Analyses

In our national real estate development consulting practice, Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals have managed assignments that cover a host of developments including office, retail, hotel, residential, recreational/entertainment, group meeting/audience support, government space, institutional, industrial and transportation-related projects.

Our professionals have extensive experience and expertise in evaluating, estimating and reporting the effects of residential and non-residential construction on a political subdivision, which typically is a city, county, special district or school district. Feasibility analyses have taken several forms: physical, market, financial, social, economic, fiscal, traffic and development.

We often team with architects, engineers and planners to devise collaborative approaches to assessing development potential. Data describing the amount and type of development that should be considered from a development standpoint is often provided while physical/land planners transform this data into determinations of the amount, local and type of land uses required.

Market impact assessments allow developers and localities to convert shares of the regional market demand for a variety of types of development into capture rates of these types of development in an area or on a parcel under consideration. Absorption of these markets into a development product is typically the result of our analyses.

Financial impact assessments primarily take the form of pro forma spreadsheet analyses in which project operating characteristics are analyzed. Project revenues account for space vacancies, project costs, project net operating income and derive project funding potential plus potential project returns.