Transportation Planning

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals personally have a long and successful track record in providing unique integrated transportation, land use, real estate and development services. Our professionals are considered to be among the leading development advisors in evaluating market potential, financial analyses and implementing transit-oriented development. We are recognized as pioneers and continued leaders in establishing and implementing public/private transportation-related joint development, and also providing economic and land use applications for public and private sector entities.

We have worked with local and state municipalities, transit agencies, and private interests controlling valuable sites and has effectively guided development investment decisions to fruitful results in all areas of the United States under a variety of transportation modes – light rail, commuter rail, heavy rail, trolley, bus, water, highway, and automated guideway transportation systems.

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC’s transportation and real estate/land use development expertise includes: transit-oriented development programming; evaluating and implementing joint development projects; examining land use and transportation connections; assisting public and private sector entities in implementing transportation-related real estate development projects; optimizing real estate and property assets of transportation organizations; formulating and implementing innovative joint development and value capture funding strategies; transportation funding plans; undertaking economic and fiscal impact evaluations; cost benefit analyses of transit investments; alternative analyses; draft and final environmental impact statements; FTA New Starts criteria; livability/sustainability programs; and corridor and needs analyses for all transportation modes.

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals have worked with some of the nation’s leading transportation agencies (CALTRANS, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority,), FTA, FhWA, HUD, APTA, APA, ULI, etc. as well as major private sector development firms.