What We Do

Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC is a full function “soup to nuts” economic development consulting firm.  Our senior staff have lead over 100 successful projects over their careers, as highlighted in this Projects section as well as in Services (link) and Clients (link).  While we have broken our projects down into (#) categories, our core competencies fall into the following three major categories.

Transportation-related Economics and TOD

Transportation-related economics/TOD projects can be an important contribution to the community and region’s economy while at the same time addressing livability and sustainability issues.  These projects/facilities can serve as an iconic, highly visible attractions inducing adjacent transit oriented development and potential joint development projects.  Projects can enhance accessibility, mode choice, access to jobs/educational/recreational and medical facilities.

Various transit services, Park and Ride facilities, bicycle parking, showers and lockers can provide an important amenity and enhance economic activity.  More efficient and seamless transit service including future streetcar, BRT, light rail can be enhanced by these projects and developments. This creates importance benefits in terms of access to jobs, improve mobility, reduced transit travel time/costs, and transit system operating efficiencies. Improved transit services, addressing parking needs while reducing parking requirements will have important economic benefits in terms of reduction in vehicle miles traveled and congestion, environmental and energy savings.

Market and Financial Analysis and Feasibility

Vantage Point brings experience conducting market analyses for all types of real estate, including residential, retail, office, industrial, hotel and mixed-use.  Such evaluations are often conducted for neighborhoods with potential for dramatic transformations through future redevelopment.  We have provided a brief methodology that outlines the steps to perform a typical market analysis.  The actual methodology employed would be based on client discussion and a comprehensive understanding of the project goals and expected outcomes. Additionally, Vantage Point has conducted numerous financial feasibility and fiscal capacity evaluations, and has devised many innovative strategies for addressing financial and fiscal constraints.

Private Developer/Development Analysis and Implementation

Assignments personally managed by Vantage Point Economic and Transportation Development Strategies, LLC senior professionals with private developers and asset managers have covered a host of developments including office, retail, hotel, residential, recreational/entertainment, group meeting/audience support, institutional, industrial and transportation-related projects. Services include market analyses, financial impact assessments, development programming and the evaluation of fiscal and economic impacts of the projects. These services are tailored to the specific needs of the client based on the characteristics of the project.

Strategic, Implementation and Organizational Planning

This work is often combined with both transportation/TOD and market economics, but can also be a standalone project.  As we navigate the new economy that has been left in the wake of the recent recession, it becomes increasingly important to reassess and refine the community’s economic development strategy.

Key outcomes of these assignments will be a comprehensive understanding of existing economic development plans and initiatives, capabilities and capacities of the active economic development agencies and a consolidated and coordinated strategy to advancing the economic development needs of the community.